By then, Pfister was employing two men who within a decade

I asked the guy how many days he himself stayed out and he said month. I was shocked.As a company driver I drove less, my truck was a 2006 Freightliner Columbia with 100,000 km on it and I was paid 37 to 40 cents a mile every two weeks like clockwork with no headaches about truck payments, repairs, taxes, insurance you name it. I don understand why some owner/operators want to work harder than company drivers only to make the same amount of money! To me the only reason to own the tools of my trade (the truck) is to work less but make more money.So, I decided to look at the matter of be or not to be without emotions through numbers.I started frequenting message boards at trucking Web sites where I learned about suggested monthly truck payments, how much to set aside for future repairs and maintenance, what truck is best on fuel, what an ratio is, and so on.I bought audio books for owner/operators and tracked my personal expenses with Quicken.I kept tabs on expenses I incurred as a company driver with special attention to fuel costs.One day, I picked up a copy of the owner/operator information package in our recruiting department.It turned out my employer still paid $1 per mile plus a fuel surcharge (20 cents per mile at the time).There was an extra three cents per mile for runs to the Northeastern US, and the usual small payments for crossing the border, live loading/unloading, etc.

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