He said thousands of immigrants haven’t mastered French and

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The crew of a Japanese fishing boat that unknowingly went into the waters near the nuclear testing of “Bravo” in the 1950s got acute radiation sickness. Since the 1960s, nuclear tests have gone underground to reduce radioactive fallout. Air Force B 29 on Aug.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileLeader Franois Legault announced his party’s newest idea in Saint Jrme Tuesday, the last day of caucus meetings ahead of the fall parliamentary session.He said thousands of immigrants haven’t mastered French and haven’t entered the job market.”We have to open our eyes. We have a real problem,” he said.When asked whether current immigration policies threaten Quebec identity, Legault said that he can “objectively” see that certain people who live in the province “don’t adhere to a fundamental value, equality between men and women.”However, Legault said he still believes the majority of Quebecers believe in that equality.”But we have to be careful, we have to ask questions, like the ones they’re asking in Europe,” he said.In April, Immigration Minister Kathleen Weil said the provincial government is planning to keep the threshold at 50,000 people for 2017.Why a 20 per cent decrease?In an interview with Radio Canada, immigration lawyer Stphane Handfield questioned the reason for a 20 per cent decrease.”Why not 45,000, why not 30,000, why not 35,000?” he said.CAQ wants immigrants to pass culture test or leaveDuring the announcement, Legault repeatedly mentioned the need to protect the French language.Dominique Anglade left the CAQ and joined the Liberals over identity and immigration policies. (Radio Canada)Quebec has a special agreement with the Canadian government when it comes to immigration skilled workers must obtain what is called a selection certificate from the Quebec government before applying for permanent residency..

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