, who works in Disaster Search and Rescue and Kevin W

But Williams’ online Q filled with biographical tidbits and numerous exclamation marks reveals that he is a Corb Lund fan, loves the movie Legends of the Fall and claims pulling “a trailer with my pickup through any downtown like no one’s business!!” as his special talent.He lists “say it like it is”, “good hygiene and taking care of myself” and being a “man of different hats” as his three best attributes. He also claims that getting engaged was his greatest achievement to date, although then puzzlingly adds it might have been one of his “greatest mistakes!”The online bio reveals that “after fracturing both heels in a rodeo accident, (Williams) amazed doctors and friends alike by rebounding from his wheelchair quickly and with a vengeance.”This is the inaugural season for Bachelorette Canada. Other bachelors announced include JP from Whistler, who works as a Butler in the Buff; Dana from Gatineau, Que., who works in Disaster Search and Rescue and Kevin W., a firefighter and ex Navy man from Waterloo, Ont.The 20 bachelors will compete for the Lorimer’s affection, attempting to woo the 27 year old Kenora, Ont.

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