Elle Explores Cielos Restaurants and Jimmy Flynns Celtic Snug

As a new restaurant owner, I look to my community for my inspiration. New menu items? New experiences? Cool atmosphere? What is it that White Rock could offer me just steps away?

I suppose I never looked close enough. Now, most people consider White Rock, Marine Drive, so it is here that I start my search. But what am I looking for? Well, I am looking for a place that caters to locals as well as tourists, the least pedestrian fare I can get on Marine Drive.

For those of you unfamiliar with Marine Drive in White Rock, it is a beautiful stretch of panoramic ocean view road, scattered with ice cream shops, fish & chip stands, cafes & pubs. A place where people bring their kids to walk the Pier, stroll the promenade and relish in the adventure people watching can bring.

It is here I do just this, stroll as a local experiencing my home town as a tourist, and this is where my new found love affair with food begins.

I find two notable establishments that give me exactly what I am looking for, the unexpected. Jimmy Flynn’s Celtic Snug is my first stop. Behind this big red door hides flavour, friendliness and delicious fare. From the second you are in, you forget you are in White Rock. You forget you have a job, kids, any responsibility really. dns server Having never been to the UK, I can only imagine that this is what it feels like in a wee pub there.

The atmosphere was cozy and the service rivals most. The menu varied from fish & chips and Irish stews to Sunday breakfast with a little spin.

So for those of you who love beer, good Irish beerai??i??their menu showcases this! Who else could possibly give me Welsh Braised Lamb Poutine with a Guinness reduction? Or a Kilkenny battered Fish & Chips? Amazing spins on very pedestrian dishes. Notably one of White Rocks best!

Secondly, one of my favourite hang outs, Cielos; an oyster and Tapas lounge inspired by encounters with global diversity. What is it known for? The locals say the Bruschetta, and I say give me a gorgonzola basted, pesto rubbed, roma tomato drizzled, balsamic reduction on amazing bread and I am in! Other mentionable tapas would be the Brie Wheel with a mixed berry coulis. The wine list is to be rivalled and you can now actually buy their Balsamic reduction and oils! Speak of heaven and you shall receive! A small

intimate space with friendly and professional service and amazing views of Semiahmoo Bay. The only other helpful hint? Always book a reservation!

It seems that White Rock has a lot to offer in it’s nooks and cranny’s but this is just

Marine Drive. I can’t wait to explore!

Elle Out

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