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Parking in White Rock.

Being aware of the parking regulations in the City of White Rock and especially along the waterfront can reduce some possible frustrations and save you both time and money.Parking Meters in White Rock

That said, the parking is reasonably well organized and automated. So, with the use of a little grey matter to remember your parking stall number and return to your car before your parking meter time expires you shouldn’t spend any additional time or money.

The parking stall numbers are painted onto the pavement or the curb at each parking stall.

Parking along White Rock’s Marine Drive appears to be a major revenue generator for the city and introduces a big city characteristic into an otherwise very natural and peaceful oceanside town setting.

Even with the large white stickers stating “THIS DISPENSER DOES NOT GIVE CHANGE” among all the other information one has to digest to understand the payment process, it is easy to overlook the need for exact change. We contributed $1.25 additionally to the city when we paid $2 for our $.75 parking fee and no change was dispensed.

Of course, the alternative to paying for parking is to risk the probability of receiving a ticket which, if I recall correctly, was $35 the last time I received one a few years back.


$.75 for each 15 minutes

or $3 per hour ai??i?? (comparable to some of Canada’s largest cities)

*as at March 23, 2011


#1. 15 Min $ .75

#2. 30 Min $1.50

#3. 1 Hr $3.00

#4. 2 Hrs $3.00

#5. More Hrs

Knowing these few tips may help you to more fully enjoy your experience on WhiteRock’s beautiful waterfront Marine Drive area. You may even save you some time and money.

Parking Meters on White Rock's Marine Drive


A – Bring and use EXACT CHANGE

B – Take note of your parking stall number before you walk to the meter

C ai??i?? Key in your stall number, then your payment selection and then pay

D ai??i?? You do not need to display the parking stub on your car so carry it with you and don’t worry about returning to your car

E ai??i?? Remember to move your car or add time before the time listed on your parking stub

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