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Offering the Perfect Blend Real Estate in White Rock-South Surrey: Cliff and Tyler Armstrong

Wouldn’t it be absolutely wonderful if, when you were looking to buy or sell a home, you could have someone working on your behalf who had that fantastic combination of unbridled, youthful, boundless energy and enthusiasm, coupled with the wisdom and know-how that only years of experience can bring?
Meet Cliff and Tyler Armstrong, the father and son duo behind White Rock-South Surrey’s number one realty company, Sutton Group-Express Realty. Cliff has been in the business for more than 20 years now. His knowledge of “what’s hot and what’s not” has saved his clients untold amounts of time, money and frustration over the years.

The levels of service he and Tyler can provide are only possible because of relationships built up through the years, within the industry, and more importantly, within the White Rock-South Surrey area.

Sutton-White-Rock-RealtyWhen asked what makes them the premier realty company in the area, Tyler said simply, “It’s the level of service we provide, for sure. We know that every situation is different, and we’re happy to do what’s required for our clients in order to provide what they need. It even means keeping some pretty unsocial hours,” Tyler admitted with a chuckle, but then, he’s used to that. Before he joined his father as a partner in the business about six years ago, Tyler was a chef!

White Rock is unusual in terms of property prices at the moment, because values have not only held steady, they’ve actually increased over the past two years. This comes at a time when property values across the globe have tumbled, including in some previously highly desirable areas. When asked why this is so, Tyler said, “I think White Rock is special, in that it’s a relatively small area geographically. That alone makes it somewhat exclusive. Then there are the incredible ocean views, of course, and the fact that White Rock is really a great place to live.” Tyler doesn’t see that trend changing any time in the foreseeable future, and said he thinks White Rock will continue to be a good place to invest in property for many years to come.

It doesn’t really matter what you’re looking for; Richard and Tyler will probably be able to steer you in the right direction. “There wouldn’t be houses for everyone,” Tyler admits, “but there would certainly be other types of properties besides single homes that would suit just about everyone.” He said Sutton Group-Express Realty don’t really have a “typical” customer. They deal with everyone from young singles to large families to retired couples, and everyone in between. If they haven’t got something on their books to suit you in White Rock or South Surrey (where property prices are definitely lower), they also have established excellent relationships with custom builders over the years. They’ll work with a client to find a lot, or even an older home that can be knocked down, and put that client in touch with a builder who will construct the house to order. That’s the “knowledge and experience” thing coming to the surface again.

At the moment, Sutton Group-Express Realty are offering townhouses, part of a new development, that Tyler says are some of the best value homes he’s seen in some time. They are finished to the highest standard, with top end appliances, hard wood floors and of course, breathtaking views. They’re also extremely large as townhouses go, at about 2,800 square feet. These homes are priced in the $600,000 range, or just over $210 per square foot, which Tyler says represents incredible value for the standard of home and the location. Home prices in the downtown area can run from $650 to $900 per square foot.

When asked how he saw the property situation developing going forward, Tyler said he didn’t think the market would be saturated, and he doesn’t expect White Rock to expand dramatically. Quite simply, the geographical nature of the town wouldn’t allow White Rock to simply “spread out.” There’s the small matter of an ocean and some pretty formidable hills that will prevent housing developments popping up like wild mushrooms.

If you’re in the marketai??i??buying or sellingai??i??give Cliff or Tyler a call. There are lots of reasons they’re number one, but especially because of that perfect blend of energy and experience.

Youthful enthusiasm is great. Wisdom gained over the years is invaluable. Put the two together, as Cliff and Tyler have done, and you just can’t beat it.

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